La Mer

The performance La Mer (The Sea) takes place at Titanik during three days. The starting point of the piece is Claude Debussy’s orchestral work from 1905, titled La Mer. The performance approaches the sea as an experiential state, as various movements and stillnesses, and as an immensity impossible to represent or to grasp as a whole.

The piece continues the series of works initiated by Masi Tiitta in which the working group has been exploring tiredness as a bodily condition. In the new piece, the artists have been working towards opening the body to its surroundings. The dance originates from stillness, vulnerability, sensibility and freedom.

La Mer is a performance that can be observed like the sea. A place for calmness allowing experiences of listening, sinking and connecting to happen.

The performance begins at midday at the time of the full moon, and ends at the early evening on a day before the Midsummer’s Eve. During the performance hours you can enter the space whenever and stay as long as you wish, or you can choose to follow the performance throughout the three days as a durational piece.

Mon 17 June at 11.30 am–1.30 pm

Wed 19 June at 5–7 pm

Thu 20 June at 3–5 pm

Choreography:      Masi Tiitta
Dance: Anna Maria Häkkinen, Anna Mustonen and Anna Torkkel
Scent: HEELEY: Sel Marin
Residencies: Central Finland regional dance center Haihara
  Ehkä-production Kutomo
Production: Masi Tiitta
  Baltic Circle

Illustration: Jukka Herttua

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